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Specialty Compounding

imageSmart Pharmacy exists not only to dispense your needed prescriptions, we also work hard to give you tailor-made medications that are suitable to your health requirements. Making quality compounded medication is what we are known for. Geared with the most advanced compounding tools and laboratory, we always ensure to maintain your satisfaction while providing our services.

Your physician’s consent is required before we make custom-compounded medications. We want to help you achieve optimal health results by working the best way possible. We know that your medication has a crucial role in your total well-being. Thus, it involves greater expertise and pharmacy knowledge, the qualities that Smart Pharmacy has.

Compounding is an ideal source of customized medications for the following reasons:

1. If a patient is allergic to a certain medication’s ingredient.
2. When a given drug is not commercially available.
3. To add flavoring for pediatric patients and animals.
4. When medication requires a tailored dosage form or strength.

Know more about how compounding works for you! Speak to one of our experienced compounding pharmacists at 828-369-3784 or visit our Contact Us page to inquire.

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